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Why Invest?

Why Invest?
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Platform Features

The Team

Majika is the lead developer for the AeroME platform.

Long time experience with coding.

See more at his 5+ Star Proof-of-Developer Review.

Simon | Majika


AeroMe will provide an auction
service enabling bidders to bid
on items and make payments
through the AeroMe exchange.

AeroMe will include a payroll module allowing companies

to pay employees.
Full HR services will be included.

Will allow merchants to invoice, sign and issue smart contracts for the property they sell/rent,
or payments received.


As a consultant looking to provide services and payments, AeroMe is the ideal platform to base your business upon.

Smart property is property
whose ownership is controlled
via the block chain, using contracts.

Cars, houses, boats etc.

AeroMe EAM Module will provide complete automated asset management. Including inventory, catalogs, purchase orders, etc.


Smart Property

Asset Management



Lyding | KryptoLyding

Kryptolyding is the community manager, designer & marketing head for AeroME.

Mostly new to most of it, but learning along the way.

Big supporter of cryptocurrency and investor in different projects within the field.


Get AeroME Wallet


AeroME - Standard Qt Wallet



Symbol - AM

Algorithm - X13 + POS

Total Coins - 12,000,000

Block Time - 60 sec

Stake Interest - 6%

Min. Stake Time - 12 Hours

Max. Stake Time - Unlimited






Goals for AeroME






"I want to create a system which requires zero trust or a "trustless" solution. Where people from around the globe can create products and services in a free and open manner which interopperate with the interwoven fabric of the host network."






"I want a fair system, a system on which risk "actually costs something" and those who are in greatest need are rewarded based on a type of mittigated-levels of riskless based returns. A place where the "Bankless" of our societies can have a place to create, store and generate their own wealth creation processes."






"A system which can offer the same benefits to a man living in some of the most oppressed regimes in the world to the avarage man living in Wales.

Provide a means for a micro-transaction economy for others who never had a opportunity to save money or not had the opportunity to open a bank account"